Thursday, April 23, 2015

Annemarie Davidson - Copper Enamelist

 This spectacular copper enameled plate was done by artist, Annemarie Davidson. Her mark is on the back. When I purchased this plate, I did so because it was beautiful! I had no idea of who the artist behind it was.
I say was, because sadly, Annemarie passed Sept. 29th, 2012. After researching her and her fabulous work, I realized she was a person I would have loved to have known. 
She loved her family, was generous and eccentric. Me too. I am like that. 
As you can see, by this plate,  she was an extremely talented artist in the world of copper enameling. This Cockatiel sits among it's natural setting. She did many beautiful bird and flower plates. You can see some of her work, HERE.
I searched and searched for another Cockatiel but could not find one. 
There will be no more of her wonderful work. No more. That makes me sad.

This is Annemarie's obituary:

DAVIDSON, AnnemarieAnnemarie Davidson passed away peacefully in her Sierra Madre home of 60 years on September 24th after a brief illness. She was known for her love of her family and her talent as a copper enamelist. Born in 1920 in Germany, Annemarie arrived in New York in 1936 and moved to Sierra Madre in 1946. Her late husband, Norman Davidson, was a Caltech professor and a pioneering scientist in the field of microbiology. She is survived by her four children, 8 grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. Many people knew her as the artist behind the copper enamels, shown in local stores, presented at local art festivals, featured in several museums, and treasured in countless homes. We will all miss her eccentric and generous personality and her presence in Sierra Madre.       

If you should desire to purchase this plate, you can do so HERE

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