Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Love Horses!

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 I grew up on westerns. "The Lone Ranger", "Rifleman", "Roy Rogers", "Red Ryder" and "Gunsmoke". This list can go on and on. 
I knew how to make every horse sound! When I was little, my favorite toys were my stable of stick horses, my cap guns, my Marx Fort Apache set and my Lincoln Logs! No dolls for this Cowgirl!  I'll never forget the day my Dad brought home a couple of Shetland ponies. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Every waking minute after that was spent learning to ride those wild little things. Bumps and bruises ensued and once, I was even bucked off in a Thistle patch! I loved every minute and by the time I was done, there was no horse I couldn't ride. Dad said, " I was a natural!"  
Today,  I own 2 fine Quarter horses. My love of horses never died.
I recently brought home this beautiful brass Mustang horse figurine. It was unloved and tarnished.
With a little patience and a lot of elbow grease later, here it is in all it's spectacular glory!
I have no room for it in my overloaded stable of horse figurines so perhaps you might like to add it to yours!
It has a very Hollywood Regency look to it. 
You can see it HERE
Happy Trails my friends.


  1. Toni, wonderful article! Look forward to reading more blog articles in the future.

    1. Thank you so much! I am just getting warmed up!

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