Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How To Make Your Tweet Stand Out on Twitter

We all know how important Social Media is becoming for the success of our Shops. I would like to share a tip on making your twitter feed more effective.

When you tweet from Etsy, your tweet does not show up with a picture to your followers. It's just a link type tweet - words on a screen. 
Who really clicks on those?  I don't.  I like a picture to grab my interest! 
Here is how to make your tweet stand out. Show em what ya got! Put the "WOW" factor to work for you!

- How to post a picture of your item on your Tweet -

1. Go to the item you want to tweet.

2. Right click on the picture and save it to your computer. ( I made a file on my desktop for twitter pics that way I have easy access)

3. Copy your link of the item you want to tweet that is in the address bar.

4. Go to Twitter itself ( your twitter) and click on the TWEET button.

5. Paste the text of listing and add any hashtags. Don't forget your hashtags!

6. Click ADD PHOTO and add the photo you saved on the computer. (Hopefully in a sweet file you can 
find easily)

7. Hit Tweet! 

Now you have an exciting "WOW LOOK AT ME " tweet!

But wait - there's more!

If you want to post the tweet you just tweeted for promotion by others -

1. Go to the left on your twitter feed and click TWEETS
2. There you will see everything you have tweeted - hover your mouse over         the tweet you want to copy. (It will shadow box around it) Click it and it         will bring up the tweet. 
3. Copy the link in the address bar and paste it where you want it promoted!

- Now here is the Spectacular Amazing Benefit - 

When you post that tweet to your promotion site -  we can go right to it - Retweet - Fav it and click on the Etsy link which will whisk us right to your item on Etsy.  That gives YOU an organic view from the outside of Etsy!!!
 PLUS from there - we can promote as usual - Pin - tweet it again - tumbl - keep - wanelo - G+ - Share and so on!!!!

Now for a little shameless Self promotion. You can see how this all works by clicking the link below. Feel free to RT (retweet) me and visit the item. It is an antique horse picture called "The Pharoah's Horses". from the Victorian era. I fought hard for it at an auction!

If this was helpful to you, please leave me a comment!  I am feeling kinda lonely here!


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