Friday, May 22, 2015

The Dreaded Computer Butt & Walking the Goose Gauntlet

I sat at the computer most of the winter working on my Etsy Shop, ChicMouseVintage.  Add lots of snacking, throw in a dash of depression and you have the perfect recipe for Computer Butt!
Fast forward to spring - Hmmm, my spring clothes don't fit! 
OH NO!  "What to do? what to do? Buy new clothes? No way! 
Time to get walking!
I am fortunate to live in a town that is very health friendly. There are several fantastic walking trails. One of my favorite trails is only a a couple of blocks from my house and I can walk there to walk! There is a pretty lake to walk around.

This was a walk one early morning trying to beat the rain. It started out pleasantly enough. I saw my Blue Heron friend. He is there everyday. 
He flies away when I try to get too close to take his picture. Darn!

I keep on walking and when I am about to make the turn at the far end when to my horror,  I see it!  I am going to have to run/walk the Goose Gauntlet!

 Yes, complete with dodging goose poo! 
(Extra Calorie burn!)

The goose in the middle was particularly unfriendly. 
And no, they do NOT leave the trail as you pass.

This Goose Mom and babies were actually quite nice!

No walkers were harmed in this incident. The geese were fine too. Computer Butt? Still working on it.


  1. Hi, I finally found your blog! I can relate to everything you've said including the goose poo! We live on a small lake and the goose families regularly visit our bird feeders and eat up all the seeds that the squirrels kick out! I was looking for the Blogger follow widget but don't see one.... Anyway your blog is really cute and really enjoyed your post! Maybe I can talk you into writing for the Vintage Vertigo blog? Have a great weekend! ~ Diane

  2. I've walked those goose gaunlets before. Very entertaining post.

  3. I so understand computer butt. I always say that I have a facebook figure. I know you can imagine what that is. I love the geese. It certainly would make the walk very interesting.