Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ironwood Carving - JJ's Cantina & The Owl

Ironwood.  What an amazing wood.  It is one of the hardest woods in the world. Ironwood is similar to Ebony, as it is not a porous wood.  It is very dense and hard, like iron. Indigenous and ethnic cultures of the Sonoran Desert value ironwood for its cultural, as well as ecological, resources. Traditional uses of ironwood include medicines, food, agricultural, household implements, and ceremonial purposes.
The Seri and Mexican carvers from the Sonora Mexico coastal areas are well known for their abstract carvings of animal figurines. The one I show you here is a real beauty!
In my younger days I would often take trips to Rocky Point, Mexico for fun in the sun. I would always admire the smooth, hard beauty of the ironwood carvings for sale there. Often,  I would purchase one or two. Unless of course, I spent too much dinero at JJ's Cantina the night before! I was in my 20’s, that’s what we did!
I have heard that the area has grown substantially. I haven’t been to Rocky Point for over 30 years. I long for those days of walking out onto the Estuary, finding shells while investigating  the array of flora and fauna the ocean would temporarily leave behind. Then it was off to JJs Cantina for a Cervaza or two! "Uno Mas Cervaza Por Favor!" I can’t believe I still remember that phrase! Translation: One more beer please!
Here’s a cheers to the young and free days. I present to you this spectacularly carved Ironwood Owl!
To see it from all sides, Click HERE

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